5 Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin

We are what we eat, and it is true because whatever we eat has a great impact on us and our bodies. A healthy diet keeps our body healthy and all other organs. Skin is also considered an organ and hence by eating healthy food our skin can get great benefits also. Our skin needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to look healthy and radiant and we can get these nutrients by eating the following foods:

⦁ Fish or Sea Food:
Fish is a great source of vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and protein. These nutrients are beneficial for the skin as omega 3 fatty acids help the skin to retain its moisture and keep it hydrated whereas vitamin E is a great antioxidant. Zinc and protein in fatty fish help the skin to maintain its strength. Fish also contains dimethylaminoethanol which acts as an anti-agent.

⦁ Milk:
Milk contains Vitamin B, B12, iron, calcium, and phosphorous which makes the skin radiant, glowing, and healthy. The milk contains lactic acid and enzymes that help the skin to regenerate and make it soft so don’t forget to drink a glass of milk every day.

⦁ Broccoli:
Many nutritionists ask you to eat broccoli every day as this vegetable has great nutrients. It contains vitamins A and C, zinc, and other minerals. By eating them every day you will notice great changes in your skin. Your skin will become healthy and it will shine bright like a diamond.

⦁ Avocado:
Avocado contains minerals like Vitamin E and Vitamin C which helps the skin to regenerate, clear it out, and has antioxidant properties. The vitamin C in this fruit helps to create collagen which makes the skin wrinkle-free and smooth.

⦁ Dark Chocolates:
Dark chocolates are not only tasty, but they can improve your skin condition also. If you start eating dark chocolates daily, then you will notice that your skin will become healthy and radiant as they contain essential nutrients.

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