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Beauty Lifestyle

How To Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

Last year was all about heavy makeup and bold looks, but 2020 is going to be the year of natural makeup and glow from within. Enhancing your natural beauty and ‘no-makeup makeup’ is getting more popular. So how do you achieve this effortless, yet empowering makeup look? Start with moisturizer. …
Beauty Lifestyle

Why Koreans Have Such Beautiful Skin

Koreans are famous for their gorgeous skin, which is why their makeup and beauty products are getting more and more prevalent. Cute packaging and promising formulas are what draw people to Korean skincare. 10 steps can seem like they take a lot of time, but Koreans follow a philosophy that …
Fashion Lifestyle

Top Shoe Trends of Fall and Winter

Shoes are an important part of an outfit as it is the first thing that people notice. The whole look of an outfit can be changed by just wearing them, so it is important to wear trendy and stylish shoes. The runways shoes of fall/winter 2019-2020 are breathtaking as they …