5 Face Masks for All Skin Types

Face masks can be very different and can help with different skin problems. They can nourish dry skin, or help with excess oils, soothe the inflamed skin or help with detoxification.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks work like physical occlusives that trap the moisture in the skin with the sheet itself. The sheet is soaked in the serum formula. Each sheet mask is different, depending on the serum which is used. In most of the sheet masks, butylene glycol and glycerin can be found on the ingredients list.

Butylene glycol is usually the second or the third ingredient of most of the face masks. It acts as a delivery agent, which helps your skin to absorb more of the other ingredients. Glycerin can be naturally derived from the plant oils or made synthetically. It works by driving moisture to the skin without making it greasy.

When applying the sheet mask, make sure to read on the back for how long you are supposed to leave it on. If you leave the sheet mask on for too long, the sheet can start sucking out the moisture from your skin.

Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks are a great way to intensely hydrate your skin while you sleep. When your body is in a deep sleep, the skin’s metabolism increases and cell turnover and renewal is at its peak, which is why this period is great for caring for your skin. Sleeping masks are used at night in place of your regular moisturizer and are washed off in the morning.

Peel of Masks

Peel of masks can be very fun to apply and remove. They act as a physical exfoliant. They peel the dead surface of the skin off and can be very brightening, as they make way for the new skin cells. However, they are not as hydrating as the other types of masks.

Gel and Cream Masks

Gel masks are great for the summer as the formula is very light and doesn’t feel heavy or too greasy on the skin. Gel masks can be applied after the toner and serum.

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating masks work like any other mask, but they have exfoliating properties as well. Exfoliating masks can have physical or chemical exfoliants and are great for removing the dead skin.